Mark Groves Consulting

Mark Groves is basically me – a one man IT department. With friends.

My clients are usually small businesses who are not able to keep a full-time IT and Online Marketing specialist on the payroll. They often have had several service providers for specific areas, such as a web designer, an IT-Administrator and a communications specialist. While this can work well, it can require quite a lot of in-house coordination; valuable time that could be spent on actually running the business.
I offer a single project partner that is able to coordinate all required activities on your behalf. This not only saves time and money but, by bundling IT and Online Media requirements together, things can be better coordinated – ensuring that everything works well together.

My core philosophy: to help businesses by helping them keep focused on what they do best. I do this by taking over the complete project management – which is what I do best. Working with so many small businesses has given me a wealth of creative partners, each of whom have their own specialties, which I utilize fully to bring you the best ideas possible!






KPI Analysis & Optimization

Social Media

From Analysis to Conception and Daily Management.

Focus on Brand-Building and Community Management.

Multi-Channel Synergy Strategies

Online Advertising

Search Engine Marketing

Facebook Ads

On-Page Advertising

Content Driven Advertainment

SME IT Management

Business Software

E-Mail and Information Systems

Network Administration

Project Management Systems


Social Media Monitoring

How-Tos: WordPress and other CMS

Facebook/Twitter/YouTube for Business

Project Management Consulting

Celebrity Management Online

Close Partnerships with:

PR Agencies

Telecommunications Specialists

Content Creation Agencies

Professional Translation Services

Event Management Consultants

Celebrity Management Agencies

With the creation of Web 2.0, we are seeing the emergence of a new type of digital consumer, who is no longer simply a passive ‘site-seer’ on a fixed consumer journey but an independent explorer craving freedom, adventure and companionship. The challenge for businesses and advertisers is to engage with the active digitraveller as well as the passive digitourist.

– Sarah Morning, planner, OgilvyAction